MADISON TAIPEI HOTEL Receives Muslim Friendly Tourism Certification

MADISON TAIPEI HOTEL Halal Certification

In order to provide global tourists with appropriate love and care, MADISON TAIPEI HOTEL has passed the evaluation for “Halal certification“, entrusted by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau to The Chinese Muslim Association, receiving the Muslim Friendly Tourism mark. It provides a comfortable and friendly environment for Muslim tourists who come to Taiwan for vacation or business.

MADISON TAIPEI HOTEL has established a comfortable hotel stay exclusively for Muslim tourists. During their hotel stay, they will find that the rooms follow the international standards. There will be a prayer timetable, prayer rug, the QIBLAH mark (the arrow pointing towards the direction when praying), and we use bidet toilets and the proper toiletries. The furnishings have been arranged according to their customs and meet their specifications in daily life.

For dining, in order to prevent Muslim tourists from being affected by other ingredients, we have arranged for a dining area exclusively for Muslims. The ingredients and preparation methods all meet the Halal certification, providing an exclusive breakfast for Muslim tourists and allowing them to relax during their stay in Taiwan.

※Exclusive Breakfast for Muslim must be booked 7 days in advance.

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